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PKHW-34 Typical Properties

1,000 - 4,000 Viscosity (1), cP at 25° C
30.0 - 32.0 Solids (2), Wt. %
6.8 - 7.8 pH
1.5 Particle Size microns
colloidal dispersion Physical Form
57 Acid No., (solids)
2.0 VOC’s in lb/gal.
ethylene glycol butyl ether Co-solvents
DMEA (8) Neutralizing amine
standard dispersion for thermoset formulations Comments
(1) Brookfield RVT, #4 at 50 rpm
(2) gravimetric, 1 hours at 200°C
(3) Brookfield RVT, #4 at 20 rpm
(4) 20% solution in cyclohexanone
(5) gravimetric, 3 hours at 135°C
(6) Brookfield RVT
(7) propylneglycol n-propyl ether
(8) dimethyl ethanolamine
(9) triethylamine

For more information, download these PDFs:
PKHW-34 2K Plastic Coating - High Humidity Resistance
PKHW-34 and Acrylic Blend Coatings for Interior Walls and Whiteboards
PKHW-34 and Melamine 2K Clear Glass Coatings
PKHW-34 Anti-Corrosive Heat Resistant Black Stoving Enamel
PKHW-34 Clear 2K Lacquer Based Coatings for Plastics and Wood

PKHW-34 Clear Stoving Lacquer For Glass Bottle Coatings
PKHW-34 in PM Acetate and HXLV for Adhesion on Plastic Coatings
PKHW-34 Waterborne for Drum and Pail Coatings
PKHW-34 Water Resistant Clear Coating with Coronate HXLV
PKHW-34 Waterborne Bake Coating For Glass - Clear or Tinted

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